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Miravalles Volcano Day

Las Hornillas Volcanic Activity Center is located at the volcano slopes; here you can enjoy the unique experience of walking inside an active crater!
You can observe pools of hot water, pots of bubbling mud, fumaroles, sulphur deposits.
Las Hornillas attracts national and international tourists and it take about 15 minutes to walk around. This is the only place in Costa Rica where visitors can walk inside in to the active crater, and see and feel the steam escaping from the boilers below . You can also enjoy the 250 meter long water slide, a sauna, mud baths with proven therapeutic qualities because of the clay minerals, hot springs, a restaurant, camping area and cabins.

Our tour includes a visit to the Miravalles Volcano rain forest. On the journey you will enjoy the typical Guanacaste landscape. The horse or tractor tour leaves the volcanic activity center and takes you to a private reserve called Cabro Muco, where you will see 4 waterfalls, pass over 3 hanging bridges and walk for 40 minutes in primary forest. The tours takes about 2 hours in total. This impressive and isolated mountain is reserved for nature lovers that don’t like to be in congested areas.


What to Bring?

Bathing suit, shorts, water shoes or sandals with straps, bugs spray, change of clothing.



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