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A.T.V Tours

A.T.V-Tours , starting at the beach , crossing trails through the forest and admire a wonderful ocean views, amazing animals like monkeys, birds and iguanas without forgetting an official stop on zapotal beach. In this place you can take pictures as it is a wild place before returning to the hotel and all this happened in around two hours long, We also offer ATV-Beach Tour that would be virtually the same except that we visited 5 beaches such as conchal beach , brasilito beach , flamingo beach , potrero beach , sugar beach and zapotal beach where we stop for swim or take photos, also there`s the option if you want to eat something you are completely free for do it in some of the local restaurants that are located near to the sea that will make your tour something unforgettable that tour is 4 hours long. Finally the A.T.V-Zip Line Canopy Tour another trip that people like is the combination of A.T.V and Canopy where they can do two hours a.t.v and two hours canopy by Costa Rican dry forest. The tour can be in the beach or at the mountains, is except to you.

What you need bring in this tour : light clothing, bathing suit under your clothes, closed shoes or sneakers, sunscreen, bugspray, camera or video camera, sunglasses, towels for the beach tour and money for souvenirs or drinks .


What we included : A.T.V , Tour Guide , Cooler and Good Time …

Time for Tours : A.T.V- 2 hours any time during the day and A.T.V-Canopy or A.T.V-Beach Tour we have at 9:00 a.m or 1:30 p.m.

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